The magician tarot combinations

The suit of wands are related to the element fire and are about primal energy, inspiration, action, movement, the potential of something and creative processes.

Empress upright AND Magician upright Tarot cards combinations

The wands addresses what makes us tick. A lot of wands in a reading indicates a lot of masculine energy and an action orientated reading. Click on the link to find tarot cards combinations of the suit of wands:.

The suit of chalices or cups are related to the element water and are about emotions, feelings, expression of feelings, relationships and connections. A lot of cups in a reading indicates a very emotional reading. Below you find all tarot card combinations of the suit of cups:.

The suit of pentacles, disks or coins are related to the element earth and are about materialistic, financial matter, physical matters and trading. It is also about the realization of physical matters. When the suit of pentacles dominates the reading there happens a lot in the area of work, career and money issues for the querent.

Click on a link below to find and tarot card combinations in regard to that particular tarot card. The suit of swords are related to the element air and is about thoughts, communication, rationalizing, clarity, analysis and conflict. When there are a lot of swords cards in a reading it is mostly about communication and thinking. Swords often indicate conflicts. For tarot card combinations with a particular tarot card in the suit of swords click a link below:.

In this tarot card combination list below, you can find the educational meaning of a tarot card combination, not your complete tarot reading. Add to cart. The general tarot card combination meanings of this tarot combination are about being ready for a new journey which will start very soon. There will be spontaneous events happening that do make sense to you. For example you will have adventures and experiences that help you on the long-term.

You have valid reasons for yourself when the 7 of wands is in upright to start this new journey. This new journey will bring harmony and balance in your situation. In regard to love and relationships this tarot card combination indicates you are in a period of your life you are very open to meet new people and so you will probably make new friends soon.

This could result in meeting someone you like to start a relationship with but it would be best to take a look at the other cards in your tarot reading. For example when the ace of cups or the 2 of cups is showing up it could indicate that you will find a new love potential soon.

In regard to job and career this tarot combination indicates new starts as well. A brand new career or job could be coming to you. It is not just a brand new job or career but something that makes sense to you and so you will find yourself here soon.Willpower is often the primary meaning for The Magician.

You are all about setting goals and using pure will to see them through to the end. This card represents you manifesting your thoughts and desires into reality, as if by magic, in the future. Taking action now will eventually attract those fantastic opportunities you crave. Hard work pays off with The Magician. You will display the ability to make something such as a business work. Sometimes, The Magician Tarot card is indicative of skill, especially if that skill is something that requires hands-on work.

Perhaps you have fresh and efficient ways of doing things others around you are not capable of copying? This is also very true if there is a Three of Pentacles or Eight of Pentacles in your reading. Because stage magicians play tricks on the audience, The Magician has some negative attributes.

Sometimes, this card can represent a conman character coming into your life. In love Tarot readings, The Magician can mark infidelity depending on surrounding cards. Deception is the negative face of a Magician.

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You will have the willpower needed to get your new interest off the ground. It is for this reason, that The Magician usually predicts the start of a business, new job or hobby. The Magician can take on two meanings in a love reading.

The hand he plays depends on if the reading looks encouraging or not. In a Tarot reading that looks favorable, The Magician means that you will get what you want from your relationship. If you have asked a question that requires a yes or no, The Magician always represents a yes.

Therefore, if he is surrounded by good cards and the relationship seems to be running smoothly his appearance in a spread is fine but I will say, there are more desirable cards out there. In a Tarot reading that looks overly negative, The Magician is never a good omen for love. This card can mean that your partner is pulling the wool over your eyes and leading you on.

They could be being unfaithful but can also be deceiving you about their financial situation either now or in the future.

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Remain vigilant. The Magician can represent a spark within your ex becoming reignited. They will feel the urge to return to you. If you're wondering how someone feels about you, I will not read The Magician as a good sign. The Magician uses people and is only out for himself; he doesn't make for a desirable partner.

In general, The Magician means that they do not see you as a person but as a means to an end. While they may not be out to hurt you in the beginning, if your relationship is not suiting them, they will have no second thoughts about cutting you off. For most types of Tarot readings, I interpret The Magician positively when it appears in an outcome or future position.

Usually, The Magician is a sure sign that you are going to get everything you want, whether that is in your relationships, love life, or career. However, the catch it that you have to work for it and think positively! Work towards your goals and use manifestation and the law of attraction - if you do, the future looks bright. The Magician is generally a desirable card in business and career readings because it is the card of will and willpower.

Many people lack the level of commitment it takes to scale their business, and this is probably why most businesses fail. However, The Magician in a Tarot spread tells me that you have the ability to push forward with your goals which is always a plus. If The Magician appears in an outcome position, it can mean that something will happen in the future to give you a kick in the ass and get working.Airy; Spiritual, good vibe person, happy, innocent.

Negative: Poor money and health. Vague, not dependable, clumsy. Overly mental, too active mind, not enough stability to produce. Best; good combination of mind and spirit. Productive of ideas but not locked into them. Worst; mind one way, matter the other. Wilting flower image.

Natural cycle is too violent. Danger of madness, mind too far from world. May break through otherwise insurmountable barriers. Mercurial, considerable powers of concentration, intellectual. Tends to adjust easily to different people and places. Can be unstable, untrustworthy. Lunar, introspective, a need to see all as one. The time of puberty for male and female. Moods that are cyclic with the Moon. Uncertainty with other people in action, but calmness in spiritual and aesthetic conversations.

A tendency to be physically inactive. Loving, maternal, usually young but not innocent in the sense of ignorant.

the magician tarot combinations

A fondness for nature and agriculture. A mind full of creative ideas. Fiery in the sense of Aries. Restrictive, practical, opinionated, paternal. The practical element can lead to outright materialism.

Strong willed. A teacher of difficult topics who refuses to be distracted by other approaches. A person having deep intuition and faith. Similar to Gemini. Mental activity. Love relationships and their trials. Social pressures. Like Cancer in the Zodiac. Protective and outwardly defensive. Fondness for ritual and formal clothing. A tendency to specialize. Possessive and subject to emotional fits. Like Leo in the Zodiac.View Cart Checkout. The Magician knows how to make the most of any situation by using the right tool.

Keywords : work, self-employment, knowledge, new relationship or friendship, good luck, creativity, energy, self confidence. Reversed, the Magician speaks of treachery and treason. Tricks are being played. Someone is being dishonest.

the magician tarot combinations

It can also reveal a situation, which is not at all as it seems, be it a relationship, friendship or investment. Watch your back and do not trust too easily. Keywords : tricks, incompetency, treason, illusions, crook, lack of skills, mistake, arguments, lost ambition. Positive meaning : A new relationship or friendship that will matter and most likely last. Love at first sight. Negative meaning: the end of a relation. Lack of physical attraction. A hard headed partner.

An investment will be successful even if it seems risky.

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Negative meaning: theft, loss, fraud. Someone is abusing your trust. Watch out for the traps. Positive meaning: The Magician often speaks of your career right away.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

A new activity will bring you success. Self-employment is an option. Research and studies are being encouraged. A new contract can be expected. Positive meaning: The Magician is usually a young man. Often a teacher, a researcher, spiritual guide or a self-employed person full of energy. A fun friend. Negative aspects: a crook, someone who speaks too much. He could be lacking self-confidence. A new contract can be expected very soon.

This may be a change in your work contract or a brand new job starting soon. When the Wheel of Fortune and the Magician are side by side they speed up the entire prediction. Everything in your spread is about to happen fast. Fast changes are inevitable. This is usually a positive association.The Magician is Major Arcana number one. Number One symbolizes unity, the beginning, the will, mastering, the leader, initiator, the one who is in charge, the achiever.

Those attributions are quite masculine and solar and represent an active principle. The Magician is the master of the four elements. He mastered them through the fifth element. The fifth element is called spirit, akasha, ether or other, but in essence, those names all refer to the same thing. Similar to others Major Arcanas, The Magician also represents one of the archetypes.

He is a human being who is supposed to be connected to the spirit world and supernatural. This is an archetype of the man who is able to create and change the material world according to his intention and will. He is an initiate, practitioner and adept. At the same time, he is also a student because he is always willing to learn something new.

Knowledge is his power and he is very aware of that.

the magician tarot combinations

He knows how much power there is in a proper information. And he is dealing with information of a different kind all the time. Every single action taken is some kind of code - an imprint of particular information in order to achieve the desired output. No doubt, The Magician is dealing with magic. The magic is the practice of influencing the material world and physical reality according to one's willpower. It is possible with the help of information. The information influences the flow of energy which farther influences the physical world.

The Magician is, therefore, the creator. He applies his intention and focuses to direct the information in a particular way, in order to achieve the desired effect.When the Magician tarot card appears in your reading, your higher self is ready to help you manifest your greatest desires. The Magician tarot card is a very high energy Major Arcana tarot card and reveals how your wishes can be realized through determination and willpower.

He allows you to translate ideas and untapped talent into action. To learn more, click here.

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Before diving deeper into the Magician card meaning and its most important card combinations, below a quick overview of the most important words represented by this Major Arcana card. Upright : willpower, desire, creation, manifestation, resourcefulness Reversed : manipulation, illusions, out of touch, untapped talents. The Magician stands with one hand pointed to the sky, while the other hand points to the ground. This position reflects his connection between the spiritual and the material realms, which the Magician uses to manifest his goals in the physical world.

He has the ability to bridge the gap between heaven and earth and as such, he is capable of converting energy into matter. His white robe symbolizes purity, while his red cloak represents experience and knowledge. On the table in front of him, the Magician wields all the suits of the tarot: a cup, pentacle, a sword, and a wand. They signify the classic elements of earth, water, air, and fire, and are connected by the Magician.

This indicates that the Magician has all the tools he needs to translate his ideas into reality. The infinity sign on his head and the snake around his waist indicate that he has access to unlimited potential. Furthermore, the flowers on the foreground show the culture of aspiration. The Magician reveals how your wishes and desires can be realized through determination and willpower. When this card shows up in your reading, you can be assured that you have the drive to make your dreams happen.

It might be in your new job, a new business venture or a new love. This is the time for positive changes in your life and for you to take action.

Establish a clear vision of what you want and why.Cards combination description High arcan Empress and High arcan Magician combinations: - A relationship between two people from different countries or other different backgrounds.

A demanding but constructive situation. Especially a younger man with anolder lady.

Tarot Card Combinations: Death and The Magician

Card 1 - Empress The Empress depicts a female sitting on a throne. From the plentiful nature that surrounds her, we can count on that this girl represents the Earth Mother archetype, a goddess of fertility.

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Her global is ruled by means of venus because of this that there's whole love, harmony, fertility and luxury by means of the grace of this goddess. The lady herself has blonde hair topped with stars, signaling her divine connection with the mystical realm. She is dressed in a pomegranate-patterned gown that represents fertility, and she or he is seated on cushions embroidered with a venus sign. She is surrounded by a fascinating inexperienced woodland with a river streaming through it.

The Empress brings abundance and advantages in the readings of those she meets. Full card's description.

the magician tarot combinations

Card 2 - Magician The Magician is one tarot card that is filled with symbolism. The central determine depicts a person with one hand pointed to the sky, whilst the alternative hand factors to the ground, as though to say "as above, so below". This is a rather complicated phrase, however its summarization is that earth displays heaven, the outer international reflects within, the microcosm displays the macrocosm, earth reflects God.

It can also be interpreted here that the magician symbolizes the capability to act as a go-among among the arena above and the contemporary, human global. On his table, the magician additionally wields all the fits of the tarot. This symbolizes the 4 elements being connected by using this magician - the four factors being earth, water, air, and fire. The infinity sign up his head indicates the infinite possibilities of creation with the will.

Filter combinations by card:. Can't find combination? Use our tarot combination calculator toolto find combinations automatically Combination calculator.

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