Garlic spiritual uses

Currently, India is the highest producer of Ginger in the world. Overtons per year. China is the second highest producers of this amazing spice, at overtons per year. But it is said that Jamaica produces the best ginger. Ginger is known for its crisp and yet spicy flavor and is used in a variety of ways from cooking to Magick.

When you buy ginger, fresh this is best. The fresh root has a great deal more crispness and vitality compared to dry. Dry ginger is best used in baking. Use it in recipes like Ginger Bread, crackers and the making of ginger ale or beer.

Thirsty tavern-goers in England would add Ginger to their mug of ale and stir it with a hot poker. In the United States Ginger is usually used in sweeter foods and beverages.

Ginger Bread was a staple in American revolutionary war rations, and you might even be served Ginger Jam in the New England states. Ginger has long been prescribed for a variety of alignments. In the 16 th century England it was considered medicine. As it may seem farfetched that a single spice could hold such claims, ginger appears to do so. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of Ginger.

Many physicians who favor herbal and natural remedies, swear by the effectiveness of Ginger while others will not state such claims. In other studies, ginger also proved to have anti-liver damage properties among other beneficial qualities.

7 Raw Garlic Benefits for Fighting Disease

Personally, I swear by Ginger. Especially in the area of digestive alignments and nausea. While I was pregnant with both of my children, I had morning sickness into my third trimester. I tried everything aside from drugs, and Ginger proved the most effective in easing my nausea. When I felt nauseous, I would drink a natural Ginger Ale. I found mine in the organic aisle of my grocery store. The soda was a little spicy but a little went a long way. Soon, I learned to make my own which saved me time and money.

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Now I use the same recipe for general tummy issues and illnesses. In the practice of Magick, Ginger is a valuable component. Centuries ago Ginger was almost more valuable than Pepper. Ginger has long been used in the tonic, potions, scent Magick, and as an antidote to some poisons. Nausea caused a variety of conditions including Motion Sickness, pregnancy, chemotherapy, and more.

Ginger will also sweeten and flavor cooking oil before you add additional ingredients. Uncut ginger can be stored in your refrigerator or preserved in vinegar or sherry. Ginger can also be stored in a plastic zip-top bag when all the air pressed out of it.

Ginger is a great component in spell work for raising your own inner power. Many practitioners make it a tradition to chew a bit of fresh Ginger root before spell work and ritual. It is especially effective in love and healing spells.There are many great spiritual uses of salt. He was just the worst man, and I, as a young girl, strong as I thought I was, was so tired of all the stress and disrespect. Mitchel was a Jamaican man, a Bishop in the Christian church. He knew the bible from front to back and could preach it very well, but a greater diviner than he was hard to find, peace be unto you Mr.

Mitchel where ever you are in the realm of spirit. I went to him and complained that this girl was like a ghost riding my back and whatever she was doing made me and the wicked baby father argue everyday. I cried and complained that there was no peace in the house, I wanted peace, I could take the fighting no longer.

Mitchel told me to go home and put salt in a dish with a piece of bread on the plate and I was to put it somewhere high in my house, which I did. He cautioned me not to let the salt spill, not even a drop. I had a live-in nanny at the time and she was my confidant, a source of comfort to me, as she witnessed my pain and shame at the hands of this man and his horrible woman. She was an older lady from Jamaica and she saw me doing what Mr.

Mitchel had told me to do. She asked me what was that for? She went on to tell me that salt creates problems and she did not believe that it would calm the house down. I told her that Mr. Mitchel cautioned me not to allow even a drop to fall, so I am being careful, but still she did not look convinced and made a face while she walked away.

Determined for peace I went ahead and fixed the salt and bread as he told me, but as if pure bad luck, as I placed the dish and all its fixings on a shelf in my room, the whole lot fell and all spilled all over the ground.

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Wicked and me for a week! Ever since then I have been very careful with salt. Let me make this clear however, salt can be sprinkled to remove negativity and destroy spiritual work, but chaos only happens when it is spilled as oppose to being sprinkled by human hands, in other words when you are sprinkling or throwing salt for a particular purpose then you have nothing to fear.

If salt is spilled, look out for quarrel or fight, black pepper or any kind of pepper, the same thing — quarrel. If you are eating food and it falls to the ground your ancestors need your attention, or if a black cat crosses your path it is not a good sign — I never believed this one about the cat, but I have since proven it, yup it is true!

Salt is a purifier of many things.Aside being a taste enhancer for recipes, garlic, which has been around for quite a while is of unbelievable benefits. With a history of human use of over 7, years, garlic is native to central Asia, and has long been a staple in the Mediterranean region, as well as a frequent seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Magickal Garlic

It was known to Ancient Egyptians, and has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Garlic has been used over the years to make evil spirits and vampires run away. It is said to be the flag-bearer of white magic in Europe. Central European legends describe garlic as a powerful ward against evil spirits and vampires. The great smell of garlic has made Muslims to be advised against taking it before prayer time. This is because its smell is distracting.

Quite a lot of Hindus do not eat it for a similar reason. For them it is a taboo because it increases carnal desires and destroys piousness. For same reason also, followers of Jainism and some sections of Buddhism completely run away from garlic.

garlic spiritual uses

If you forgot to buy insecticides, burning garlic with camphor keeps away mosquitoes, insects and flies. Garlic has been said to be one of the world healthiest foods, no wonder it contains 17 amino acids. Garlic not just is good for heart as it brings down cholesterol levels. It also fights cough and cold and is a pro-biotic and keeps the gut healthy. To remove the odour of garlic from hands, rub them on a stainless steel object under cold water.

Source: Legit Newspaper. Show Comments.Garlicor Allium Sativuma native of Central Asia dating back to over years is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The ancient Egyptians believed that Garlic endowed with consecrated virtues were most worthy to be reverently placed in the tombs of Pharaohs.

To boost the strength and vitality garlic was bestowed to the slaves who built the pyramids. Besides this, during ancient times, the Greek, Roman soldiers and athletes, consumed garlic before leaving for the battlefield and sporting event to enhance their strength and stamina.

For ages, in various cuisines of the world, Garlic has been used as a key ingredient, for its unique aroma and flavour. A member of the lily family, garlic is a rich source of flavonoids, enzymesantioxidants, mineral and vitamins such as Vitamins A, B1 thiamineB2 riboflavinvitamin B6, C, potassium, protein, copper, manganese, phosphorus, Zinc, selenium and Calcium.

Abundant in various potent substances, garlic contains two vital healthy components containing sulphur such as allicin and diallyl sulphide. The popularity of garlic over the centuries has been incomparable. Various scientists across the globe have authenticated its medicinal and healing properties by unlocking the secrets of garlic fondly known as the Stinking Rose.

Garlic contains innumerable anti carcinogenic properties and antioxidants that prevent formation of cancerous substances, inhibiting the growth of tumours. These include potent substances such as quercetin, diallyl sulphide, allin and ajoene.

Ajoene and allicin work as natural chemotherapy due to their ability to restrict and bind the cancer cells. According to scientists at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, a diet rich in Garlic prevents various cancers such as the colon, breast and prostate as Garlic has the power to enhance production of Hydrogen Sulphide.

This is one of the leading causes for the incidence of breast cancer among meat eating women as these properties have a tendency to change into DNA damaging substances. Garlic offers incredible cardiovascular benefits.

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They also prevent oxidization of LDL Low Density Lip Protein thereby protecting against plaque build-up, which tends to clog the arteries. Besides the ability to protect the arteries from clogging, Garlic prevents formation of clots within the blood vessels. A substance known as Ajoene present in garlic contains anti-clotting properties that prevent the platelets from becoming too sticky and clumping together to form a clot.

Allicin, a substance in garlic impedes the movement of angiotensin IIa peptide a tiny piece of protein that is responsible for the contraction of the blood vessels. This contraction causes the blood flow forcefully through a constricted space, resulting in increased pressure.Garlic, especially in its raw form, has been praised for its healing power and medicinal uses since ancient times.

Today, numerous research studies document the extraordinary benefits of garlic on human health. The healing properties of garlic are wide and varied, ranging from antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties to cancer-fighting and immune-boosting activity. Due to its healing properties, raw garlic has been used as a medicinal plant to prevent — and in some cases treat or even heal — various health complaints.

Although almost anyone can benefit from eating garlic, those who are looking for a natural way to reduce their risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma attacks, bouts of cold or flu, abdnormal hair loss, or some skin conditions are likely to reap the most health benefits by regularly eating garlic. In this article, we look at the extraordinary healing properties of garlic and describe the most common medicinal uses of this natural "wonder drug".

The medicinal use of garlic as an antifungal agent has been validated by numerous research papers and publications. Most of the angifungal properties of garlic have been attributed to allicina phytochemical that is produced when raw garlic cloves are crushed or chopped. To maximize the allicin-content of your garlic dishes, you should let the chopped or crushed garlic sit several minutes before using it. Research shows that allowing chopped or crushed garlic to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before using it can significantly increase the amount of allicin it produces.

As a result of its antifungal activity, garlic has been used to treat acne and conditions linked to the overgrowth of Candida yeast in the body.

garlic spiritual uses

Some herbalists also suggest that garlic may have dandruff healing properties due to its ability to fight Pityrosporum ovale P. Many of the healing properties of raw garlic are linked to its strong antioxidant qualities. These antioxidant properties are largely attributable to allicin, the same compound that is responsible for the antifungal properties of crushed raw garlic.

Allicin has been touted as one of the most potent antioxidants found in foods. In addition to allicin, garlic delivers antioxidant vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, zinc and selenium. Antioxidants in garlic help protect the body from free radicals, destructive oxygen molecules that attack healthy cells and that can cause cellular damage. Due to their destructive effects on cells, free radicals are heavily implicated in several diseases including eye disorders, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, atherosclerosis, an impaired immune system, certain types of cancer, and even Alzheimer's disease.

In addition to staving off common diseases and conditions, the free radical neutralizing properties of garlic can help keep your skin looking young by fighting premature aging of the skin provoked by excessive exposure to sunlight. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it creates powerful enzymes called metalloproteinases which help repair sun-damaged connective tissue.

However, not all metalloproteinases are good for us: some metalloproteinases destroy collagen fibers, which can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Free radicals appear to activate these destructive metalloproteinases. Back in the nineteenth century, the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur examined the use of raw garlic juice as a potential antibacterial agent and found garlic to be capable of killing bacteria much in the same way as penicillin does. Consequently, garlic was used widely as an antibacterial agent to disinfect and heal wounds during World War II.Spices 24 in.

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The POWER of Onions \u0026 Garlic // Spartan HEALTH 028

Practical use of cloves for healing, magick, cooking. Cloves Caryophyllus aromaticus For Magick: The magickal uses of cloves seem to have always included banishing evil, clearing your head, protection, love, and money.

It is said that if you burn cloves as an incense you draw wealth and prosperity, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce positive spiritual vibrations, and purify the area in which they are burned. Using cloves is said to ensure that your magickal intention is realized. I think the spicy, energetic scent of cloves can't help but uplift our spirits and override negativity. It also rises above everyday smells to remind us of our good intentions. After burning cloves, try throwing a handful into a pot of water and simmer slowly to fill your house with their magick.

Raw Garlic: Healing Properties and Medicinal Uses

For Healing: Clove has been used in many ways to bring relief from many types of pain. Toothache, oral hygiene: Dentists use clove oil as an oral anesthetic.

They also use it to disinfect root canals. Antiseptic Uses: Clove oil is the active ingredient in several mouthwash and a number of over-the-counter toothache pain-relief preparations.

Infection fighter: Clove kills intestinal parasites and exhibits broad antimicrobial properties against fungi and bacteria supporting its traditional use as a treatment for diarrhea, intestinal worms, and other digestive ailments.

Digestive aid: Like many culinary spices, clove may help relax the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract. I always keep cloves in my medicine cabinet to use as a mild sedative. This tea can help calm jangled nerves, and even help the insomniac. To make a cup of clove tea: This tea is pleasant to drink as well as relaxing to the nerves.

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Simmer a little longer if you need it stronger, but be careful, it can make your tongue numb! The cover on the pot is to keep the oils from evaporating. The buds are so potent you can strain them and use the same cloves again!If two people wear these until the cords break, they will remain good friends the rest of their lives. Many folks burn a red candle studded with whole Cloves to stop Slander, Malicious Gossipand Lies against themselves.

Cloves are also said to bring in Money Luck when burned on charcoal. Lady Luck favours gamblers and risk-takers, from her horseshoe tiara, dice earrings, 8-ball brassiere, rabbit foot key-chain, and cute card-suit sarong, right down to the wishbone in her garter! All rights reserved.

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garlic spiritual uses

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